March 23, 2013

South Island New Zealand

I've been absent from blogging for a few weeks, didn't have much to show,
plus organising for a holiday. I've come back revitalised and the first item
 on my list was change the image and name of my blog. I'm now "Simply Annie" .
To  cut to the chase, we have just returned from 20 days South Island New Zealand.  Absolutely fantastic.  Took too, far too, many photos, still trying
 to edit. 900 pics.    So here is just a snapshot of some of my favourite places.

Lots and lots of favourite places, in fact,  loved everything,  it was hard
 to whittle it down to these few .  1st on my list was the overnight cruise
 on Doubtful Sound.  Beautiful morning sunrise, dolphins, penguins,
and gorgeous food.  Walked to the face of Fox Glacier, 2 ks. all up hill. 
 (nearly didn't make it, shall have to exercise now I'm home).  Lots
and lots of  lakes, mountains and rivers. 
Now have caught up on the chores, can't wait to get  back into  the clay tomorrow and hopefully have something worthwhile to show next blog.
  As a matter of fact have heaps of glazing to do.

Pop over to www.mudcolony and catch up on the other potters
 on Mud Colony.  So until next time,  
Cheers and happy potting.


  1. New Zealand....the place I've wanted to visit since 1985!

    I found you via Mud Colony.....YAY!

    1. It's an incredible place., a must see.