April 02, 2013


It doesn't take much to get me excited these days, but today I am very very excited.
You see,  for the last few years, have had to fill the washing machine by hand at every
stage, manually turn the dial to spin, etc. etc.
WELL, today the machine has been hooked up to the large water tank
 (which had a leak, so therefore could not do this before) 
and now I can just load up the machine and walk away, and wait
for the load to finish.
BLISS..... I have done 3 loads in the time it would take to do  1.
What used to take all morning for 1 load, I can now do 3 or 4 loads.
Of course, then there is the ironing, but it can wait,
I've more important things to do, like throwing, turning, glazing, etc.

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