April 10, 2013


FED  UP ....... I'm just about to tear my hair out with this blog.  Wanted to use the Dynamic Screen, but had so much trouble with it, have reverted back to "Simple".  As I'm Simply Annie, I suppose
that is what I should stay with.  Have been dithering back and forth with different blog
"looks" for a few weeks now, finally will just leave it as it is now. 
Have added a photo of the new look egg cup + egg.  Sorry couldn't add the toast fingers,
it has not been bisqued yet.


  1. My first comment through Mud Colony. I just had to put into words my admiration for your work. This eggcup is so original and creative! I wanted to post the other day but couldn't find how to. I think it was the Dynamic Screen that you mentioned. There was a page of photos to click on which looked really cool but I was disappointed when I couldn't comment on the eggcups.

    1. I'm disappointed with the Dynamic Screen, looked good, but didn't offer what I wanted. Thanks for your comment re egg cup.

  2. Hi Annie
    I like this look of your blog. Technology seems to have a mind of its own sometimes :^)
    Love your egg holder! Brilliant design. Is there a foot underneath?

    1. Yes, there is a foot to hold the cup off the table.