June 27, 2013

Frost Over Barraba Art Festival

What a week and it's not over yet.
Since Saturday 22nd I have been involved in the setting up of this Exhibition.
The Tamworth Leader (newspaper) sent out a photographer
and I was captured on film organising the hanging of the Exhibition -
paintings, pottery and photographs.  We had just short of 500 entries.
Whew! what a huge job, but we did it with the help of lots of volunteers
and last night was our Official Preview Night.
I was over the moon, one of my pottery entries received 1st and
2 of the others a Highly Commended, then to top it off I sold one.
So you will understand why I have not been potting much lately, we still have
this weekend open, then Monday pack it all up for transport back to
depots for pick up by Artists. 
I can't wait for this to be behind us, so I can get back to my clay.
Don't forget to check out Mud Colony to find out what everyone  else is up to.

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  1. Glad you did so well at the exhibition. I think that might be the one I was considering entering but wasn't sure about getting my work there from Sydney. Maybe next year..