August 09, 2013


Had a couple days away with my daughter and her family and came home with a horrible tummy bug.  Have been feeling miserable since came home, so to cheer myself up thought I would throw a few pots with new stoneware clay I have been saving for just the right occasion.   It worked, felt much better concentrating on clay and speed of wheel, thinking of nothing else, with just the radio on in the background.  Then spent a lovely couple of hours this afternoon turning the pots.  It's been a while since I've spent any time on the wheel and had forgotten how much I enjoy it.
So that has brought my dilemma to a head.  I keep bouncing around from wheel to handbuilding,
slab to moulds, creative to functional, etc. etc.  I just don't know where I'm heading and can't seem
to get a handle on just what path to follow.  My problem is I like it all, and I'll end up a jack of all
trades, but not proficient in any.  I love sawdust/pit firing but also like sgraffito and painting on my
pots pre bisque. 
Has anyone else found themself in this situation, how do I get myself sorted out???
Anyway, enough of my rambling on , must pop over to MudColony and check out what others are up to.    


  1. I'm with you Annie! I made a conscious decision to stick with the low end of the firing range, just to be able to set a bit of a limit, otherwise I'd be all over the shop trying a bit of this and a bit of that ... even with this restriction though I'm constantly wishing I had an extra lifetime or two to learn the basics! But on the plus side, surely this means it will be entertainment for life?

    1. I wish Georgia, I had a couple of extra days in a week to indulge in all the creative avenues I would like to follow. I'm contemplating signing up for Diana Fayt's 6 week ecourse commencing in September hoping it will help whittle down a few of my avenues and assist in steering me in one direction.

  2. Me too ladies. I love to do a variety of things to with respect to our craft, but constantly battle with the notion that I need to concentrate on one area as I feel I don't have the luxury of having another hundred years to do all the things I want to do lol.

    1. Hi Jan, I've made a decision to concentrate on just a few areas of pottery to the end of this year, and see how I go.