October 31, 2013


I can't believe it's 1st November already, before we know it, the Christmas season will be here and we'll be frantically organising ourselves buying presents and goodies for the day. I started in January this year so wouldn't have the last minute rush making and firing porcelain decorations.
This weekend in Barraba is the bi-annual International Festival  and this year it's the Philipines.  Filipino food, music, markets and an  art exhibition.
I'm participating in the markets,  and have my small Christmas Tree, stand and pottery ready to go.
As usual the photos not the best, going to show you anyway.

I've enjoyed Mud Colony Blog immensely. Living in a fairly small isolated community,  it has helped me feel that I am not alone with my attempts at creating something out of the lump of clay.
I am in awe of the beautiful work shown on this blog and  will continue to follow all my favourite potters - (and that is everyone who has been a participant).
Now that I've finished rambling, I'm going to pop over for the last time and check out everyone else on www.MudColony.blogspot.com.au 
Wishing everyone a beautiful and happy Christmas
with family and friends.



  1. I can't get your madeit shop link to work.

  2. Sorry Caroline, I have had to remove it, it wouldn't work as you found out. My shop name at madeit.com.au
    is SimplyAnnie