December 22, 2012


For the very last Mud Colony for 2012
I have something exciting to say (for me anyway) ,
I often give some of my pottery
away to friends or as gifts, but the long awaited
sale has happened.  Although only a very small
bowl, I sold my very first piece of pottery today.
Woohoo, what a thrill.

This is it, not very fancy or special,
but someone liked it enough to buy it.

I would like to say thank you to Adriana for initiating this blog,
a late happy birthday wish as well,
and a wish for a wonderful Christmas to Adriana and 
all fellow Mud Colony bloggers
plus a happy and creative 2013.



  1. hi Annie, congratulations on your first sale, it is a lovely little pot with character :^)
    Have a great Christmas and see you back at Mud Colony in the New Year

  2. Hi Anna, Thank you for your kind words. I have so enjoyed Mud Colony this year, shall be eagerly looking forward to the restart in 2013.