January 19, 2013


Male King Parrot

It's been hot, so hot, high 38-41C. for about 14 days now,
haven't felt like potting, too hot the clay would dry out too fast
today,  finally,  its only 30C. and I have a need to get my hands

into some clay.   Starting off with a little hand building,'
went outside to wash the clay off my hands

and found this fellow having a feed off our grape vine. 
He just sat there, stopped eating
long enough to watch  me walk up very close to take this photo.
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  1. Just love King Parrots, we had a pair visit us the other day. The quieter colour of the females is a lovely soft contrast to the bright colours of the male :^)
    I hope I can get into some clay before Mud Colony starts again :^)