August 22, 2013


A follow on from last week's post - 
After 3 days the cauldron was cool enough to empty the pots,
lots of good surprises and only a few losses.
The largest pot was the best, alas it has a fsmall fine hair crack running down from the rim,
but the result with this pot and a few others has urged me on to keep firing this way.
Last post I mentioned going to look at a kiln,
looking for it at the sale, owners said it had been dropped,
smashed to bits and taken to tip,
I think someone bought it privately before sale.
Doesn't matter, there are others out there.
Searching on Gumtree, found one that might suit me,
going to look at it tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Next project, make a lighting cube, finding it difficult to take decent photos.
This is the best result, (fine hair crack)
Hand built, white earthenware clay, burnished and bisqued to cone 018
before firing in sawdust and other exciting additives.

Just love the results.
Same pot, other side.
  I have been viewing all the posts re last weekend and Open Studios,
check them out on Mud Colony,
there's a lot of fantastic,  creative and talented potters out there.


  1. Raku and pit firing are both totally addictive. The results are like ancient artifacts, brand new. Random is a term that suits the results.

  2. I agree, random suits the results exactly. Waiting for the kiln to cool down is
    hard, like waiting for Christmas when your a child. Annie

  3. nice! lovely burnish annie.

  4. Thanks Georgia, I follow the burnishing practice Sumi von Dassow sets out in her book.