September 25, 2013


                                                            Wow! Whee! 
I've bought an electric kiln, small - but it alleviates the problem of waiting till enough pots to fill the very large one at the studio I attend.  It suits me just fine for my needs currently, plus there is still the large gas kiln in the other shed (which is a cantankerous thing) The first week it was going practically non stop to catch up on pots waiting for bisque or glaze firing.  Even received our first electricity bill and not the huge shock I was expecting. 


  1. Hi Annie, how exciting! I've got the same type - same vintage and all by the looks of it. It's a ripper. I was pleasantly surprised to discover recently that my electricity usage was less than this time last year (and I've been using the kiln heaps lately) so I figure it can't be too bad energy-wise. Have you got a bung to cover the spyhole? I do notice that if I forget to close mine off it can take heaps longer to reach temp. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your new kiln!

    1. Thanks Georgia, I was firing mine every day for 7 days in a row. It would cool down overnight, unload and repack and off we go again. What is the max. temperature you have fired to? So far,
      a lot of porcelain, stone and earthenware bisque and a couple lots of mid fire glaze. No problems so far, and yes do have a bung to cover the spyhole.

    2. Mine must be a different model, top temp is supposed to be 1280 but it struggles to get that far. Although it may be a case of old elements getting tired! (They do endure a bit of hard labour with frequent raku firings.)

  2. That's about the top temp mine reaches, high enough for the mid fire glaze I used. It's about 30cm square internal measurement. But as I it said it does me fine for my needs. Also have the gas kiln for larger items, but it is very tempmental.