December 07, 2013



I would like to thank Adriana for welcoming me to join in every week
to post my latest hits and misses.  I have thoroughly enjoyed "making 
new friends" which I would not have done without Mud Colony.  
It's only about 18 months ago I came across Mud Colony,
and it opened up a whole new world for me.  Every
week I would eagerly wait for the next installments
in the lives of the many talented potters who contributed,
following their successes and tears while getting
down and dirty in clay.
What a life and how lucky are we who get our hands
into lovely squishy clay.
I will miss Mud Colony, but intend to keep up by
 following everyone on Facebook.
The last couple of weeks I've been trying to "venture outside
 box" with my painted designs.  Below are just a few  images
of new avenue I'm experimenting with.

 I'm excited with the result of this jug,
just don't know if I got too carried away and
didn't know when to stop

And my gum leaves which are becoming very popular

and one slightly wonky bottle
Well, that's me forthe last Mud Colony post, but don't
forget to check out Mud Colony for everyone else's
last week.
Thank you again Adriana, and a big thankyou in regards
to your help with the gas "monster" kiln.  I've bought a
small electric kiln since then and it gets a workout these days instead
of tackling the gas monster.


  1. Exquisite work! Love the jug, love the gumleaves too.

    1. Thanks Caroline for your comments. Sorry about delay in posting and answering, but you will understand events that happen between Christmas and end January.