February 01, 2014


Undertaking Diana Fayt's eCourse which started last Monday.  I enjoyed the previous one and thought "what the heck, it's only money and I'm positive will learn lots more".
 This time it's on mould making and after being up to my elbows in plaster
and managing to get it everywhere including in the house and on the leather lounge,
I have included a few photos of my efforts.

After tidying up these are the results of first lesson

I've been a little tardy with my blog lately, shall try to blog and post efforts a little more
often in 2014.  


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Georgia, I think got carried away a bit.

  2. I slipcast as part of my practice and I need to be quite motivated to make moulds as I too make a mess. For me if I decide to make new moulds it means that any other work is suspended for that week as clay and plaster do not mix. Nice looking moulds Annie, enjoy them

    1. I understand what you mean by a mess when making moulds.